Life Coaching

A life coach works with you to achieve your personal, academic, financial, relationship, and business goals. This is usually a one-on-one process, but is helpful for achieving relationship goals as well.


A life coach will discuss what is happening in your life now and your experiences with this topic, help you minimize any limiting beliefs and obstacles you might be facing, uncover and explore your personal strengths and resources, aid in personal growth and empowerment, and help you develop a personalized plan of action that works for you. 

Life Coaching is not mental health counseling. Your life coach is focused on helping you move in a fresh direction for a better future. Coaching is solution-focused and recognizes that clients are the experts in what works for them. You and your coach will work collaboratively to reveal what's missing, what works, where and who you want to be, and how to get there.

Your plan of action is personalized for you because it's based on your skills, your experience, your beliefs, your resources, your desires, and your life.

If you're ready to focus on your future and achieving your goals, schedule a Life Coaching session today.

Life Coaching Sessions: $125

Available in-person and online