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Life Coaching


  • Having ambition and feeling ready to get things done

  • Knowing what you want out of life and how to go for it

  • Moving through life with confidence

  • Your relationships feeling strong and healthy

  • Having self-love and positive self-image

  • Not feeling guilty or afraid

  • Feeling calm in stressful situations

Let's work together to make these a reality! 

After just one session with me you'll be on track toward Positive Change.

about   Cheryl McGill

"Sounds great! But, Who are you?"

I'm a curious and down-to-Earth person who you'll find easy to talk to. I balance optimism with realistic expectations and have found that to be a great approach to life's difficulties.

I've earned a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and, currently, I'm working to complete a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching. I'm a Certified Life Coach and have worked professionally in the field of emotional support and life enhancement since 2017. 


What  Life Coaching looks like

Consultation Session:

  • We'll have a very open and comforting chat about what's happening in your life that you're wanting to change.

  • I'll ask you what your experiences are with this topic, help you identify any limiting beliefs and obstacles you might be facing that's hindering positive change.

  • We'll uncover and explore your personal strengths and resources, and what's worked for you in the past that you may have lost sight of.

  • Then, we'll develop a personalized plan of action based on our chat to get you started on a path toward personal growth and empowerment.

Coaching Sessions:

  • We'll chat about what progress you've made toward your goals

  • I'll challenge any unhelpful thinking patterns or beliefs that interfere with your progress to keep you on track toward positive change 

  • Together, we'll address any obstacles that stand in the way of your progress

  • We will practice and sharpen your new skills and apply them to your real life

  • We'll ensure your continued empowerment for what you're seeking by reviewing your action plan and adjusting as needed

  • You'll walk away ready to continue on your path to peace and harmony

Frequently Asked Questions

I worry a lot. Can Life Coaching help me?

Absolutely! Much of our worry stems from how we think about ourselves and the world around us. Restructuring your worldview and how you see yourself will offer you a sense of empowerment that, in turn, will greatly reduce your worries.

I feel awkward in social situations. How can Life Coaching help?

One of the biggest aims in Life Coaching is to improve your self efficacy and to develop self-love - both naturally improve self-confidence. So, yes, Life Coaching is very effective for social confidence and feeling good about yourself.

I've been dissatisfied with life. How can Life Coaching improve my mood?

Our mood is directly affected by how we think, our beliefs, and how we view ourselves. Elevating your confidence, putting a stop to self-talk that causes pain, and adjusting expectations of yourself will improve your mood.

How long will it take to see positive change?

That depends on your involvement in the process. The more actively you participate in practicing new skills and challenging thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you well, the faster positive change can begin to occur.

Do I have to subscribe to a monthly fee?

No. I have a fee-per-session structure. Your session fee is charged at time of service.

Is Life Coaching appropriate for kids?

Although children and adolescents can benefit from Life Coaching, I only coach clients over the age of 18.


Can I work on improving several problems at once?

Yes. Your life includes various pieces that fit together as one and are all interconnected. We'll often be working on several parts at the same time.  

Whether you're looking to break bad habits, change careers, overcome fears, manage your mood, gain self-love, or just find yourself, we'll work together to make that happen. 

With support and accountability you'll gain personal growth and bring positive change to your world.

$125 per Session

A vast majority of difficulties in relationships are related to lack of communication. This causes us to become frustrated and disenchanted in our connections which can lead to irritability and arguments. 

Lets work together to get you on the same page and reconnect with what brought you together in the first place.

$175 per Session

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